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Japan is full of online shops and auction sites, but most of them are reserved for Japanese customers because of logistic and language reasons. !

Concept is easy :

Send me links of the items you want to purchase, I will order / buy / bid on them, pay, receive and send them to you, wherever you are.

Commission fees are equal to 20% of the amount of the paid items.
The COM decreases to 15% for an item which price is between 100 000 JPY and 150 000 JPY, and to 10% above 150 000 JPY.

Payments methods !
Shipping methods !

You just need to send me by e-mail the links of the items you want me to buy.

I will ask you for a money advance (refundable without fees or deductible, through Paypal only, equal to about half of the amount of the items you want to buy) so I can proceed to order / bid.

*BE CAREFUL, orders and bids are DEFINITIVE, cancels are NOT possible !!!
*BE CAREFUL, contact me only after you read and understood explanations about your items (please use translators available on internet).

The paid price of an item corresponds to the final price of an auction item or the tax-included price for a purchase
+ banking fees
+ shipping fees charged between the seller and me during the transaction.

Banking fees : 210 JPY for any payments below 30 000 JPY, 420 JPY above.
Shipping fees Japon-Tokyo : between 80 JPY (for a card) and 2500 JPY (for a guitar). Average shippings cost between 200 and 800 JPY.

Note : Many sellers only accept to send items through registered shipping methods (about 800 JPY) to avoid problems of loss or damages. I use the cheapest methods as much as I can, but I sometimes do not have any choice but using expensive shipping ways, sorry for the inconvenience.

For example, let's take a cel of 200g costing 5000 JPY.

Price : 5000 JPY
Banking fees : 210 JPY
Shipping fees inside Japan : 740 JPY
COM 20%: 1190 JPY
TOTAL : 7140 JPY

Add international shipping fees to your country (Europe is the case) for a package of about 290g :
EMS : 1500 JPY, SAL : 2700 JPY, BOAT : 1800 JPY, SAL Small Packet (SSP) : 380 JPY.

Total becomes 8640 JPY for a shipment through EMS.


I send items within one week after your payment.


For more details about Yahoo Auction Japan and purchases on japanese online stores, click here :



Register your personal information on the site.
All orders and bids are DEFINITIVE, cancels are IMPOSSIBLE !!!
I'm French.

Contact me here !


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